How we plan your addition for design and construction !

Adding on a four-seasons sun room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or study can be a simple and (relatively) inexpensive way to improve your home and your way of life.

Addition To Existing Structure

Imagine if you and your spouse didn’t have to use the bathroom in shifts, if the kids each had their own rooms, if you had a guest bathroom, or even a home office. Things would certainly change in your home. The possibilities for a home addition are limited only by your imagination, and of course the bank that’s holding the note. But let’s not get bogged down with the legalities and discuss some of the first steps to adding living space to your home:

Home Addition Cost

In our experiences homeowners always want to know what home additions cost and how to reduce the final price tag without sacrificing anything they can’t live without. This is a very normal reaction, especially given the size and scope of an adding an addition to your home. The truth of the matter is that unless money is no object, you will likely end up making some cuts to get what you want, so enter this process with that in mind.