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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are the heart of the home and Forever Kitchens & Baths makes kitchen remodeling easy, from start to finish. We want to help ensure that your kitchen design is not only aesthetically beautiful but functional for how you and your family use your kitchen as well. Here at Forever Kitchens & Baths we work hard to design and build the kitchen you have always wanted. One of our Professional Kitchen Designers will sit down with each kitchen remodeling client and have them walk us through their vision or lack of vision; some people really cannot visualize what they want but can point out kitchen remodels from our kitchen remodelling portfolio to help guide us to your design style. We take into consideration design elements, functional layout, space form, how space will be used, current problem areas, and what kitchen essentials they need to have in their space.

Whether your sense of design style leads you to a sleek contemporary kitchen design style, classic traditional or dramatic showpiece kitchen, our talented kitchen designers will lead you step-by-step through the process on how to design your kitchen remodel. 

Bathroom Renovation

Forever Kitchens & Baths makes bathroom remodeling easy – and fun – from start to finish. Our talented bathroom designers can help you create a dramatic powder room, a simple hall bath or an elaborate spa-like master bath.

The rising popularity of the glamorous bathroom appears related to a lifestyle shift. The popularity in luxury amenities has brought a shift in how we address “water closets” or “restrooms”. A yearning for a room where you can get away from it all and just indulge yourself for a moment. Escape, comfort, retreat and indulgence are words that come to mind when we think of bathrooms; our havens for the mind, body and soul.  How will you indulge yourself in your bathroom remodel?

Additions & Basements

Adding square footage to a home with a room addition is one of the most popular home renovation projects. With the proper design and construction, this can make a big difference in how you use the space. Like any project, however, it requires planning and expertise to ensure that changing the home’s configuration doesn’t compromise its structural integrity, or have a negative impact on the overall design.